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The Creative Curriculum at work

In response to a Government initiative which gave every school the opportunity to develop its own curriculum, we have planned a curriculum which is creative, fun and focused upon skills. We have called this our ‘Creative Curriculum’.

In every year group throughout the school the teachers have planned a series of topic-based approaches to learning which are firmly rooted upon a set of skills that are progressive. Wherever possible, the topic will be used to link together the core subjects such as literacy, numeracy, science and art. For example, in the Spring term of Year 1 the topic is 'Fairytales, Dragons and Castles'. In literacy the children will use traditional fairytales to develop their reading and writing skills. In science they will learn about the properties of different materials and will consider the building materials used in a real castle whilst, in art, they may design and paint their own fairytale batik, using their knowledge of characters from traditional stories. By linking the separate subjects under the umbrella of a topic we believe the learning becomes more exciting for our children and our teachers.

To add the ‘wow’ factor to these topics, each year group also plans a hands-on experience to introduce the topic or a really exciting visit to bring their learning to life. This may be in the form of a visit from the local fire engine to link with the theme of the ‘Great Fire of London’ or a trip to a virtual rainforest to link to the theme of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. When our Year 5 children learn about the Victorians many of the children (and the staff) will come to school dressed as a Victorian child and the school day will mirror a day in the life of a Victorian child.

We have also placed a real importance upon the development of the children’s creative skills. You will be able to see at first hand during a visit around the school the amazing work that the children have been able to produce to support their topics. This could be in the form of the fairy tale batiques completed by our Year 1 children, the mosaics completed by Year 3 or the life-sized mummies completed by Year 4.

The creative curriculum has made a huge impact upon the way the children learn in our school. They are excited by their learning and are able to develop a wide range of skills that they will be able to carry with them throughout life. Parents and governors throughout the school have also commented upon the impact that this new curriculum has had upon the way the school looks and upon the standards of the children’s work.



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