Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy

Enrichment and Wider Opportunities -  including extra curricular clubs.

Enrichment and Wider Opportunities

At Bishops Cleeve Primary Academy, we recognise the value of elevating the learning and lives of
all our children by bringing the curriculum to life. We aim to provide purpose and relevance for the knowledge and skills they will gain while learning here. Our curriculum is ambitious and includes a wide range of enriching, inclusive experiences that extend far beyond the National Curriculum. We know that enrichment is a fantastic way to increase children’s’ enjoyment of school life while raising aspirations and creating an inclusive environment built on community spirit.

Throughout the curriculum, visitors, experiences and trips are carefully considered in line with our vision, values and drivers, with the aim to enthuse pupils, provide a motivating platform for learning and deliver memorable first-hand experiences. Visitors and visits not only provide hands on experiences, but also allow us to make links with our local community. We have connections with the local Methodist Church, nursing homes and Bishops Cleeve Secondary school to give the children a wealth of experiences. We invite people from the local fire service and constabulary to give talks

and workshops for the children. School trips in each year group and the Year 5 and 6 residentials are an integral part of the life for children at Bishops Cleeve Primary. These provide an opportunity for children to see new places and build life skills that will support their personal growth and development for the future.

Here at Bishops Cleeve Primary, we also strongly believe that educating children in cultural
diversity increases creativity and encourages open-mindedness. We do this through exposing
the children to a range of authors in our reading assemblies, scientists and engineers during STEM week and historians or explorers through our teaching, trips and visitors. Each year group will ensure they explicitly teach about different cultural celebrations throughout the year such as; Chinese New Year, Diwali and Hanukkah. This will also support trips to other local religious buildings in the community and we invite people in to talk or lead assemblies. These experiences will lay down the foundations for our children and build a community that embraces differences and allows them to grow to be part of a more inclusive generation.

Extra-curricular activities

We have a long tradition of providing after school sports clubs throughout the week covering Reception to Year 6. We have built close links with the local community sports club such as Cheltenham Town Football, Jack Petelo Rugby, Cheltenham North Rugby Club and Woodmancote Cricket Club. Through these links we have taken advantage of Chance to Shine Cricket providing a Year 2 Cricket Club and Cheltenham Town Community Football offering a club for Year 4 and 5. We offer a variety of paid for clubs including dodgeball, tennis, dance, Andy Tucker Football and multi sports.

We also have some free clubs run by staff. These are for the Year 5 and 6 children largely becausethe competitions in these sports are for these ages. We offer Netball Club, Year 5 Football Club, Year 6 Football Club, Girls Football Club and a Hockey Club.

We have a strong ethos of sport for all and this inclusiveness is reflected in the competitions we enter. From traditional sport football, tag rugby, hockey, rounders, cricket and athletics to less well known kin ball, indoor kurling, ten pin bowling, orienteering and archery. By the time our children leave school we aim for all children to have represented the school.


Our Year 6 trip to Manor Adventure in Wales provides the children with the opportunity to take part in active, adventurous sessions including zip wire, abseiling and paddle boarding! In Year 4, we provide the children with a cultural experience visit to London. The children spend the night in the Science Museum taking part in Science workshops followed by a London based day trip the following day. Residentials allow the children time to explore friendships, learn more about themselves and push themselves to try new things.