Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy


SEND - Special Educational Needs & Disability

The Team

  • Mrs Wale - GLA Intervention and Support
  • Miss Ginty - SENCO
  • Miss Kelly
  • Miss Rosaman
  • Miss Milisic

Special Educational Need and/or disabilities

Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy is a fully inclusive school, with a team of staff recruited to support all children to ‘be the best they can be’. We keep the child at the centre of all that we do. By taking each child as an individual, our team can ensure that a tailored support system is in place, no matter what that might look like.

We are proud of our ability to support children with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and have taken steps to ensure that all children are treated equally. 

We encourage parents to discuss their child's progress and needs regularly with class teachers. Identifying any needs early in a child’s school life can help to get the right support in place. If the support in place isn’t enough, we may move onto the next step in the pathway. We have one pathway of early help and support for all children with additional needs. Thispathway does not depend on the type of additional need. The child comes first and is at the centre. This is called the Graduated Pathway.



Mrs Ginty (SENDCo) and the Hive Team (Pastoral Team) work closely with all of the teaching staff and, as a result, are able to support children with a wide range of academic, physical and social needs. We carefully plan support and interventions for all groups of children, including our more able and pupils with specific educational or pastoral needs and these are regularly reviewed. These interventions may be in the form of small group, paired or individual work with an adult and may take place in or out of class.


Some of the interventions we offer can include: reading support, foundation number skills, Talk Boost, Speech and Language support, gross-motor skills, fine-motor skills, sensory integration, emotional regulation support and Hive check-ins.

If you would like to discuss any issues regarding your child and SEND, please speak to your class teacher in the first instance, who will be happy to provide both information and support.

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